How is a mushroom born?


It All Starts on the Farm

Marina Group owns several farms devoted to growing fresh mushrooms. The farms are located in northern Israel, primarily in Hosen and Me'ona, close to Ma'alot-Tarshiha. The company's farms are some of the world's most advanced mushroom farms, utilizing technology, growing approaches and methodology from the Netherlands. The company acquired some of the industry's best machinery in order to drive the farms to the technological forefront of the industry.


How Mushrooms grow ?

The mushrooms grow in climate controlled growing rooms, where, save for the initial insertion of the material into the growing room, there is generally no human contact with the material. The mushrooms' growing cycle of approximately 3 weeks is meticulously planned so that an appropriate amount would be picked for distribution every day, without creating a surplus. As the mushrooms are extremely sensitive, we make sure to distribute the produce on a daily basis, and thanks to meticulous daily planning and prediction, the produce is always freshly picked when it is distributed to the sales locations.


Top Technology for the Benefit of Nature

The growing rooms are all computer controlled. The entire growing process is controlled and supervised by intelligent control systems, sampling the conditions and sending the relevant information to the farm manager for the purposes of decision making.